Change the Face of Workplace Coffee with a Whole Bean Coffee Maker

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whole bean coffee makerWhole bean coffee maker.  As any coffee aficionado will tell you, there’s nothing quite as good as coffee made from fresh ground coffee beans. In the workplace, this is a rare occurrence. It’s simply too time consuming to grind your own beans to make coffee for your team. Now, with Cafection’s Total 1 whole bean coffee maker, your team can enjoy the benefits of fresh ground coffee conveniently right in your break room. Here’s why you should consider the Total 1 for your workplace coffee station.

Fresher Coffee with Every Cup

You know what happens when you keep a pot of coffee for your employees. No matter how fresh it was when brewed in the morning, that last cup is something no one wants to take. This doesn’t happen with the Total 1. Each user brews a single cup, straight from the beans, so every cup is fresh.

Satisfies The Most Demanding Coffee Drinker

The Total 1 whole bean coffee maker satisfies even the pickiest coffee drinker. It offers three separate whole bean hoppers and three brew strengths. It can offer a variety of specialty coffees and drinks including hot chocolate, French vanilla, vanilla moka and cappuccino. It is equipped with a whipper to froth cappuccinos and other beverages, and can brew hot water for tea and other hot drinks. This means you will be able to provide your crew with the exact cup of coffee they love, without having multiple machines in the break room.

Keep Tabs with Cellular Connectivity

Finally, Total 1 brings technological innovations to the coffee brewing task. It has cellular connectivity and will send notifications about errors and warnings through email, so you can keep tabs on the machine without having to check it regularly. Configure, manage and monitor it remotely, or use the on-screen keyboard to manage the machine directly. Integrate it with a printer, bill acceptor or credit card acceptor for paid coffee applications.

Are you ready to give your employees a better coffee experience, all while enjoying easier management of your office coffee? Let Executive Coffee Service Inc., set you up with the Cafection Total 1, and see just how easy and fresh office coffee can be with a whole bean coffee maker.

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