Is a Micro-Market Right For Your Workplace Breakroom?

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Years’ ago, there were very few choices in the type of coffee we purchased.  We could probably say that the biggest differentiator may have been caffeinated vs. decaffeinated coffee.  Fast forward to today and there are so many choices to consider.  Coffee has become one example of all the food and beverage options now available to us with great variety and convenience.

The same can be said for the choices you offer your employees in your break room and/or cafeteria.  In the past, standard vending machines offered very few beverage and snack options and employees were left to supplement their meals and snacks through other means (leaving the workplace to purchase food at local dining /grocery establishments or bring prepared food from home).   These vending machine solutions focused on convenience — with less attention to variety and healthy options.

With the growing desire to help support the diverse needs of our employees and offer them convenient options similar to what they may find at a local store, micro-markets are a solution many employers are considering.

What is a micro-market?  Micro-markets are free-standing, self-contained stores that are located in a break room or cafeteria.  They are operated by a checkout system and can offer many customizable choices to employees such as fresh food options that were more difficult to provide in typical vending machines.

Why consider a micro-market?  There are several reasons to explore whether a micro-market is a good choice for your organization.

Being able to provide quick, convenient variety to your employees can help support a productive environment, as well provide an opportunity for you to support healthy options in the workplace. Most of us spend more time at work than we do any other place and so being able to provide employees with choices that they can feel good about can help support your employees’ overall workplace satisfaction.

Want to find out more and see if a micro-market may be a good fit for your organization?  Call us at 443-327-6487 to get more information and explore your options.

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