4 Reasons Why a Bottle-less Water Dispenser is Great for the Workplace

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Why a Bottle-less Water Dispenser?  The water cooler has been a staple of most office workplaces for decades.  It has even been studied to understand its effect on employee morale and company communication.  Funny enough, it is an important part of keeping employees connected, informed and engaged with each other.

However, there is a downside to the water cooler, and that is due in large part to the bottles themselves.  Keep reading to find out why going bottle-less can improve this important part of workplace culture.

First, going bottle-less saves massive amounts of space.  No more trying to free up real estate in the closet or kitchen to store all those bottles!  Think of all the room you will now have without the need to store both full and empty bottles.  And as an added bonus, as an employer, you do not need to worry about employees carrying full bottles from Point A to the cooler, while juggling them to get them in place.

Secondly, without bottles you consume your company’s exact water needs.  No more coordinating deliveries and planning ahead for extra bottles just in case.  No more running out of water and having to place an urgent call for immediate delivery.

Another excellent reason to use a bottle-less water dispenser is that you do not compromise water quality.  Executive Coffee uses premium coolers that provide filtered water at a range of temperatures.

Although most companies spend the monthly fees to provide water in the workplace, going bottle-less can reduce spending while still leaving the maintenance and service of the equipment up to us as your provider.  We are still a phone call away to handle any issues that may arise, and you reduce your usage costs.

Interested in finding out more about the bottle-less systems we provide?  Call us at 443-327-6487 to see if going bottle-less is a good fit for your workplace.

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