Benefits of an Ideal Breakroom

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Why is an ideal breakroom important for an efficient workplace?

ideal breakroomThe ideal breakroom.  A potential new client recently shared with us that she felt “uninspired” by her workspace.  The result is that she struggled for motivation and energy. As we have shared in the past, there is a correlation between the workspace and productivity, so the musings of this new executive are no big surprise.

Having a workspace that stimulates creativity and productivity is key for any well-run organization.  A great management team endeavors to consistently update/upgrade the elements of the space to make it a great workplace for all employees.  The heart of that workspace is the break room.

A well-appointed breakroom goes beyond the table, chairs, and coffee – it also includes other refreshments and a design that offers a blissful break from the workday.  Studies show that people are more productive when they take regularly scheduled mental or physical breaks.

We work with area employers to create a unique and enjoyable breakroom experience for their staff. We help provide all the needed ingredients so that staff can remain on site and not have to leave the office for breaks and disrupt the workflow/energy.

Bonding Is Important Too

The breakroom offers an opportunity for staff to bond over coffee, snacks, tea or lunch.  Did you know that a team that bonds lead to more productivity and improved results?  Bonding opens the doors to collaboration, brainstorming and opens minds to all the possibilities

Break rooms are a perk your staff will love and it gives employers a means of showing appreciation.

An ideal breakroom will provide a variety of quality coffee, snacks, cold beverages, On-Demand Tea, POS water dispenser, condiments, cups and more.  There should also be energizing artwork and comfortable furniture to round out the room.

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